Bordering Mexico State,in the municipality of El Oro,Michoacán, the tranquility of a charming mining town breathes with scented coffee and freshly baked bread daily. See also on this tour Tlalphujahua, place of magic, tradition and culture





Located in the southeast of Mexico's State, just at 70 km from Toluca: Malinalco, is an ancient magical town, stories, Malinalco has together in one place, excellent weather all year round, beautiful natural scenery, typical food, traditions, rich history and outstanding architectural legacy, all under the placid and cheerful Mexican province.


Just located at 5.2 km from Ixtapan de la Sal, Tonatico is a charming village wich brings to the visitors natural beauty and ancient tranditios; with a semi-tropical climate throughout the year and also we can find hot springs wellness. Grutas de la Estrella is an amazing place where we can see the stalactitas and stalagmites. On this tour we also visit Teotenango, is an archeological site wich preserves a magnificent ball game.


Teotihuacan is considered one of the oldest civilizations of Mesoamérica, declared a Wordl Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1987. Discover Teotihuacan architecture at its best by visiting Pyramid of Sun and moon, the Citadel, the Temple of Feathered Serpent among others. Then, we will visit Tepotzotlan and the National Museum of Viceroyalty, also a Wordl Heritage Site by UNESCO. 


Just a walk by the cobbleston lane of Valle de Bravo will take you to admire their white stucco houses with iron balconies and red roofs; its plaza portales where you can enjoy delicious home made ice cream, traditional snacks and other typical dishes like rainbow trout or largemouth bass, artichokes are grown around this place. Later fellow magic town of Metepec, the artisans's hands who transform the clay into beautiful pieces that shows the fusion of two cultures




Between spectaculars rocks, Aculco is one of the most beautiful typical poblations at México´s state. In an enviroment of exceptional beauty, waiting for you to show you natural treasures and its majestic landscape of basalt columns that seems to stretch to infinity.

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